Goods for Refugees brings supply and demand together with the purpose of helping refugees with missing needs.

The platform Goods for Refugees is built to help refugees with goods. Do you have toys, baby stuff, a place to live or transport that you want to offer for free, then you can offer it on here.

Placing an ad works as follows, register with your e-mail address so you can edit or delete your ad. If someone reacts on your ad, you get an email. You can choose yourself if you want to get in contact.

How does it work?

Goods for Refugees is a website that brings supply and demand together. Despite the fact that the website is mainly characterized by its accessible character, Goods for Refugees sees it as its mission to advise them as well as possible about pleasant, safe and responsible behavior. The website is very easy to use. All it takes is an email address, some location information and a few minutes of your time.

Sustainable and local

The location data allows us to optimally match supply and demand. As a result, we try to make local and sustainable matches.