Double Bed Frame and Two Seater Couch/Sofa

Den Haag, Netherlands
2 months ago added
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Bed frame and two-seater couch, couch needs cleaning due to dust and general use but is fully usable, bed frame is Ikea SVABDBA 180x200cm, some slats are broken but can be replaced cheaply on Ikea. The legs are missing, so the bed will sit low on the ground, but legs can be bought also. Some screws or pegs may have been lost during the move, but can be replaced extremely cheap from ikea. Just come by and pick either up and you're free to have it, we can help get it down the stairs. No photos here because we just moved and don't have room to reassemble the old bed/couch.

From: J&A Donation
Den Haag, Netherlands

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