I General provisions

1. Welcome to GoodsForRefugees!

Welcome to GoodsForRefugees (the "Website") and thank you for visiting. These Terms of Use (the "Terms of Use") are effective March 14, 2022 for any use of the GoodsForRefugees website (the "Website") (whether through your computer or via mobile device or any other software application), to all services offered by GoodsForRefugees and to all agreements GoodsForRefugees enters into for the use of the Website and the services.

By visiting our Website you agree to these Terms of Use. GoodsForRefugees recommends that anyone using the Website or any of these services (a "User") read these Terms of Use beforehand. GoodsForRefugees may change these Terms of Use from time to time. We therefore recommend that you read them regularly.

Products and services may be offered or searched for on the Website by a User, both free and for a fee, to GoodsForRefugees (the "offer"). An offer includes, among other things, the title and description of the products or services offered or sought.

3. Protection of your privacy

In our Privacy declaration explains how we handle your personal data and how we protect your privacy when you use our Website.

4. Minors

The services of GoodsForRefugees are only accessible to underage Users if they have received permission from their legal representative or if it is customary in society for a certain minor of this age to perform the relevant act independently.

5. Unauthorized use of the Website

The content of the Website may not be copied, reproduced and/or made public by the User, except for RSS feeds for personal use and/or news items up to a maximum of 100 offers or 100 hyperlinks to offers. This includes, for example, use in personal weblogs or other personal websites. The User is not permitted to change the content of the Website, other than as described in these Terms of Use.

The User is not permitted to collect personal data from Users who place an offer on the Website ("Providers") (including e-mail addresses and telephone numbers) and/or to approach Providers for offering their own products and/or services.

The database with offers rests with the database right of GoodsForRefugees. This means, among other things, that the User is not permitted to retrieve and reuse a substantial part of the content of the database with offers and/or repeat and systematically repeat non-substantial parts of the content of the database with offers. request and reuse within the meaning of the Databases Act, unless the aforementioned exception for personal use and/or news items is met. The User is also not allowed to display hyperlinks to offers on another website, unless prior written permission has been obtained from GoodsForRefugees, or unless the aforementioned exception for personal use and/or news items has been met. Unless GoodsForRefugees has given permission for this (for example in the case of API partners), it is not permitted to place offers on the Website via an automated system, or in any other way than via the ‘Place offer’ knob. It is not allowed to place offers on behalf of or on behalf of third parties, unless GoodsForRefugees has given permission for this (for example in the case of API partners). 6. Abuse of the Website and its consequences

For your safety and to prevent misuse, e-mail addresses are protected by GoodsForRefugees. Your response to an offer and any follow-up communications between buyer and provider will be sent through GoodsForRefugees servers. To report illegal and infringing offers, offensive content and other issues, please contact us; this way we can together ensure that the site remains as clean and safe as possible. If we receive indications and/or complaints from other Users or for other reasons believe that a particular User is not acting in accordance with the law and/or the Terms of Use and/or the Privacy Statement, then we – if we see reason to do so – for security reasons and to protect our Users, take the following measures, among others. GoodsForRefugees can also take these measures if you make unreasonable use of the Website, for example if your use hinders other Users or disrupts the proper functioning of the Website:

a. GoodsForRefugees can exclude the relevant User from the services of GoodsForRefugees or limit certain functionalities for this User. You can think of, for example, suspension of the account of the relevant User, the removal of reviews, the limited posting of offers or reactions; and/orb. GoodsForRefugees can remove one or more offers from the User without refund of the amount paid by the User.

GoodsForRefugees may process the personal data of those involved in the context of the aforementioned measures. If there is reason to do so, GoodsForRefugees can, within the limits of the law, pass on the personal data of those involved, for example to the police. How this works is further described in our Privacy declaration.

7. We make no guarantees

We cannot guarantee that our services will always meet your expectations. Nor can we guarantee that the Website will function without errors and/or that continuous and/or secure access to the Website or parts thereof can be obtained.

All information and numbers on the Website are subject to spelling or typing errors.

8. Limitation of Liability GoodsForRefugees

We exclude, to the fullest extent permitted by law, liability for any damage suffered by a User as a result of

(i) using the services of GoodsForRefugees;

(ii) the non-availability or unsafe availability of the Website or parts thereof;

(iii) incorrect information on the Website;

(iv) purchasing services from third parties or using products purchased through the Website;

(v) changes in the GoodsForRefugees services or changes in or on the Website;

(vi) actions by the User in violation of the Terms of Use and/or applicable laws and regulations.

If for any reason we are nevertheless liable, our liability is limited to a maximum of (a) the total compensation paid by the User to GoodsForRefugees during the 6 months prior to the act giving rise to the liability, or (b) € 150, whichever is higher.

9. Changes to the services and the Website

GoodsForRefugees may change the Website or parts thereof at any time. We can also change or terminate our services at any time. We will endeavor to provide reasonable notice of any such change or termination before it becomes effective.

10. Third Party Websites and Services

The Website contains references to the websites of third parties (for example by means of a hyperlink or banner). GoodsForRefugees has no control or influence over the content of these websites. The (privacy) rules of that website apply to these websites. If you have questions about these rules of third-party websites, please refer to their respective websites. This also applies to using the services of external service providers, such as third-party payment services. The use of these services will then fall under the (privacy) rules of the relevant service provider.

11. Complaints procedure

Answers to User questions can be found on our Help and About page. If you cannot find the answer to your question, please contact us. Do you still have a complaint about GoodsForRefugees? . A User can, among other things, file a complaint about the alleged violation of Regulation (EU) 2019/1150 (as applicable), technical problems and measures or behavior of GoodsForRefugees that have significant consequences for the User. Complaints about a defect in the service must be submitted in time after discovery, whereby a period of 2 months will in any case be timely. Complaints must be submitted fully and clearly described. We will aim to respond within 14 days of submitting the complaint. If this is not possible, we will give you an indication of the term of response within 14 days after submitting the complaint.

A User who acts as a consumer can also submit his complaint via the website of the Dutch Thuiswinkel Organization.

12. Other provisions

GoodsForRefugees may change the Terms of Use or parts thereof at any time. GoodsForRefugees will endeavor to announce such change within a reasonable period of time before it takes effect. The changes will take effect within a reasonable time after they have been announced, or after you use the Website and/or the services of GoodsForRefugees again after the change, whichever occurs earlier.

Failure by us to enforce any provision of the Terms of Use does not constitute a waiver of our right to enforce it at a later date or against another User. Agreements that deviate from what is stipulated in the Terms of Use are only valid if they have been confirmed in writing by GoodsForRefugees. If one or more provisions of the Terms of Use are declared invalid by a competent court, this will not affect the other provisions of the Terms of Use.

Notifications to GoodsForRefugees (other than regarding infringing or otherwise unlawful offers) can be addressed to GoodsForRefugees B.V., Wibautstraat 224, 1097 DN in Amsterdam. Notices to Users will be sent to the e-mail address provided, or by registered mail if appropriate and an address is available. Notices given by certified mail will be deemed received 5 (five) business days after the date of posting.

GoodsForRefugees is at all times entitled to transfer its rights and obligations under the agreements relating to the services of GoodsForRefugees to one of its group companies. Users will be informed about this.

These Terms of Use constitute the entire agreement between you and GoodsForRefugees superseding all prior agreements. The agreements that follow from all services of GoodsForRefugees and the Terms of Use are governed by Dutch law. In the event of a dispute arising from these agreements or from the Terms of Use, only the court in Amsterdam will have jurisdiction, unless the dispute has been submitted to the Consumer Disputes Committees Foundation. You can also submit your complaint to the Disputes Committee via the Europees ODR Platform. If the User acts as a consumer (a natural person who does not act in the exercise of a profession or business), then this User also has the option, within one month after GoodsForRefugees invokes the jurisdiction of the court of Amsterdam, for settlement of the dispute. by choosing the competent court according to the law.

2. General rules for posting an offer on the Website

2.1 offers placed on the Website by a provider must comply with the following general rules. These additional rules may differ from the general rules below. We advise you to always pay close attention to which rules an offer falls under.

2.2 Making an offer:

a. Only one concrete product may be offered or searched for in each product offer. b. Each title and text of an offer must contain a description of the product or service offered or sought after. c. Titles and texts of offers may only be drawn up in Dutch or English. d. It is not allowed to post free offers more than once on the Website. It is not permitted to simultaneously have or place several identical offers online on the Website. It is not allowed to offer the same item or service in more than one offer on the Website at the same time. It is not allowed to post multiple identical listings or multiple listings for the same item or service using more than one account. e. If an offer is removed from the Website before the end of the initial offer period (or an extension of the offer period), it is not permitted to offer an identical offer or an offer for the same item or service within the remaining term of the original offer period. places, unless there is a valid reason for this (for example, the accidental removal of the offer or when the sale unexpectedly did not go through).

2.3 offer content that is not allowed:

a. The title and text of the offer must not be misleading, inaccurate or incorrect. The title and text must correctly and clearly describe the product that is offered for sale or the service that is offered. b. It is not permitted to offer or present certain legal rights, such as the User's right to a product or service that meets the specified specifications, as an additional service, for example by charging a fee or to be respected only against payment. c. In any case, an offer may not contain discriminatory, pornographic, insulting or threatening or inflammatory content. The content may also not contain political messages and personal data of third parties or be contrary to public order or morality. d. It is not allowed to post an offer for the sole purpose of directly or indirectly promoting a company, except in the Services and Professionals group. e. It is not allowed to place photos with an offer that do not relate to the product or service offered. f. Free offers may only list websites or include links to websites if paid for. It is not allowed to mention websites or include links to websites that are filled in whole or in part with links to offer websites or to offers that are mainly aimed at processing offer income by generating clicks. g. It is not allowed to place offers that are only placed to generate clicks on a certain website.

2.4 Illegal or unlawful products or services

It is not allowed to offer products that are illegal or unlawful or whose trade is prohibited. It is also not allowed to offer services whose performance is illegal or unlawful. Click here for a list of potentially illegal or unlawful products and services. Please note: this list is not complete, but only gives an indication. Not all trade in the products or services on this list is prohibited, but may be prohibited under certain circumstances, for example in the absence of a permit. Products and services that are not on this list may also be illegal or unlawful under certain circumstances.

Both the provider and the User must always pay close attention when offering and responding to products and services. Providers and Users are expected to be aware of the laws and regulations in the area of the relevant product or service. If in doubt, we advise you to obtain further information or advice, for example on the website of the relevant regulator. The list of suspicious or prohibited products or services also contains suggestions for this. 2.5 No infringement of third party intellectual property rightsa. It is not allowed to include a product in an offer that infringes the intellectual property rights of third parties. This means, among other things, that it is not allowed to offer a product that

(i) infringes another party's copyright, such as a copyright in software or music, or in a painting or photograph created by another party, without that other party's permission;

(ii) infringes the trademark law of another party, such as a piece of clothing with a logo of that other party that has been placed without permission;

(iii) infringes the design right of another party, such as a bag that has been counterfeited without the consent of that other party.

b. Only the brand name of the product offered or requested in the offer may be used in the title and text of the offer. c. Only the trade name of the company from which the relevant product or service originates may be used in the title or text of the offer. Mentioning trade names belonging to products or services that are not offered in the offer is not permitted. d. The product may only be compared to other products in the text of the offer and not in the title. The comparison must not in any way create confusion about the original origin of the product. In the comparison, no brand name belonging to the other comparable product may be mentioned. e. It is not allowed to include a disclaimer in the offer regarding the authenticity of the product offered in the offer. Providers must ensure that their products are genuine and tradeable before listing them on GoodsForRefugees.

3. Posting an offer

3.1. My GoodsForRefugees

A provider places its offer via the 'Place offer' button on the Website. Before a provider can place an offer, he must first log in.

When creating a user account, it is not permitted to choose a provider name that contains a [url] or part of a [url]. It is not allowed to provide your login details to third parties. It is not allowed to use third party login details for posting offers.

3.2. Creation of offer agreement between GoodsForRefugees and providers.

After the provider has logged in, he can create an offer via the 'Place offer' button. While creating the offer, the provider can click the ‘View offer’ preview the offer. The provider can change the offer based on this example. After seeing the example, the ‘Place offer’ be clicked. With this comes the offer agreement (de"offer agreement") between GoodsForRefugees and the provider in the case of free offers. In the case of paid offers, the offer agreement is concluded when the payment procedure on the Website has been completed. b. GoodsForRefugees retains all data of each offer agreement for 14 days after deletion of the offer. After that, we will keep the details of the offer agreement as described in our Privacy declaration.


offers to which no special rules apply remain on the Website for at least 28 days, provided that the applicable (payment) conditions are met and the provider does not remove the offer itself.  For offers subject to special rules, you will see the terms and conditions on our Website before posting your offer.

If the product offered in the offer is sold, the offer must be removed. Upon sale of the product offered in the offer, the offer agreement between you and GoodsForRefugees ends, and GoodsForRefugees has fully fulfilled its obligations under the offer agreement.

3.4. Opvallen

When drawing up the offer, the provider has the option of making his offer 'stand out', 'place it up', etc. The rules for this are described on the corresponding web pages.

4. Right of withdrawal

4.1 In certain cases, the right of withdrawal as referred to in Article 6:230o of the Dutch Civil Code may apply to the placing of an offer.

4.2 In any case, the right of withdrawal does not apply to offers that are made on the basis of the provisions of the Terms of Use (including on the basis of Chapter I, Article 6). (i) have been removed from the Website or (ii) are posted by Users who are excluded from GoodsForRefugees services or subject to certain restrictions.

4.3 Unless otherwise agreed, you agree that an offer will be placed immediately, during the legal dissolution period. This has consequences for any applicable right of dissolution. You also declare that you waive any applicable right of termination as soon as GoodsForRefugees has fulfilled the offer agreement.

4.4 If the right of withdrawal referred to in Article 4.1 applies to the offer you have placed, you agree that if you make use of your right of withdrawal, you owe GoodsForRefugees a proportional fee for the services provided by GoodsForRefugees. In certain cases, this proportional compensation will be calculated based on the number of days remaining from the agreed offer period when you use your right of withdrawal and/or the average number of bids on products or services for offers in the same category, as determined by GoodsForRefugees from time to time. time is determined.

4.5 If you make use of the right of cancellation, GoodsForRefugees will refund the price of the service, less a proportional fee, within 14 days after your cancellation request. Click [here] for more information about exercising the right of withdrawal.

6.3. Providers who, as entrepreneurs, offer their goods and services to private individuals, are obliged, on the basis of Article 38 of the Turnover Tax Act, to indicate prices including VAT in an offer.

7. Melden van illegale of inbreuk makende aanbiedings aan GoodsForRefugees

7.1. Reports of Offers in Violation of the Terms of Use Offers that otherwise violate the Terms of Use, such as offers that offer illegal products or have defamatory content, may be reported. b. Abuse of the Report to GoodsForRefugees system is considered an act against the Terms of Use and may lead us to take the action described under Chapter I, Article 6 against the concerned reporter. 7.2. Notifications in case of infringement of intellectual property rights

8. We make no guarantees

8.1. Providers and Users must conduct sufficient research themselves and obtain sufficient information before placing an offer on the Website. We do not check the quality of the content of the offer, the safety or legality of the advertised products or services, the correctness of the offers, the authority of Providers to sell products or offer services and/or the authority of Users to purchase products or use the services. GoodsForRefugees gives no guarantee in this regard. 8.2. GoodsForRefugees also cannot guarantee that the products or services offered by Providers on the Website will meet your expectations.

9. Service Offering Indemnification and Limitation of Liability GoodsForRefugees

9.1. Every User indemnifies GoodsForRefugees against claims from third parties with regard to damage suffered by;

(i) entering into an agreement based on an offer, (ii) the use of products purchased through the Website; and (iii) the use of services offered through the Website; and (iv) the (allegedly) infringing and/or otherwise unlawful nature of the (content of the) offer and/or the delivered product.

9.2. The conditions for the limitation of liability of GoodsForRefugees are included in Chapter I, Article 8.

10. Amendments

10.1. GoodsForRefugees may change the Website or parts thereof, including the offer duration, renewal options, the division of categories, the layout of the Website and search options, at any time and in its sole discretion. We will endeavor to announce any such changes within a reasonable time before they are implemented.

11.1. GoodsForRefugees may use the offer and its content for its own publicity purposes. This means, among other things, that an offer or part thereof can be displayed by us via other distribution channels, such as on the websites of other Group companies the here listed companies qualify as Group companies, third party websites, in print media or on television.

11.2. By posting an offer, you automatically grant GoodsForRefugees a free, worldwide, irrevocable, sub-licensable and transferable license to use, reproduce, distribute and disclose (and to allow third parties to use and reproduce) for marketing, promotional and/or promotional purposes. You warrant that you are authorized to grant this license.

11.3. We may provide third parties with access to an offering for publicity purposes to enable them to promote this and other offerings on third party websites, via email and through other channels. These promotions may contain (parts of) the offer.

11.4. The layout of offers may be changed so that the offers are accessible from mobile devices or other third-party software applications.

11.5. The Website contains references (for example by means of a hyperlink or banner) to the websites of third parties. These references can also be placed in or next to an offer. GoodsForRefugees has no control or influence over the content and policies of these websites. The (privacy) rules of that website apply to these websites.